Wednesday, November 10, 2010

to tell you the truth

Hurting someone else's feelings is not a professional ethics violation.

in communicado

I'm Tweetarded. Sure, I get the concept, it's 140 characters, your absolute minimum thoughts on just about anything you happen to be doing or want to share with your "followers." Let's put aside the realization of every person's superego that they are worthy of having followers; that's a different and more disturbing topic. What I don't get (aside from the hash signs) and what is probably one hundredfold over-done in the ancient tomes of the "blogosphere", is sharing minimum anything. Ironically, what I work on relates to what are known as "the worst buildings allowed by law" as they are, in fact, "code minimum," but in the core of that work lies something so much greater - buildings not falling down on people. Buildings not sucking 75% of the electricity we consume in this country. Buildings, at the very least, not failing. If there could be anything 'greater' about tweeting, it is certainly the fact that it is ultimately about mass communication. We tweet as part of my organization's "presence" (and occasionally, we have staff wetweets on tweeting) and I suppose I must, like most in the knowledge-worker force, bend to that reality and get all hash-signed up in there. But if I must, I'll do so with as little regard to meaning as the medium implies. Please, if you tweet about love, stop.