Tuesday, November 28, 2006

driving somewhere you can touch

We needed gas.
Pulled over in Louisiana, it was a busy little overpass.
I looked up, and in disbelief saw the sign, little chamber
buttons and sure enough, the name of the place where I
was born, Denham Springs.

I could not abide the coincidence. I had seen miles of Mississippi
and the overhangs necessary in the South to not bake but let in
the evangeline breezes.

Sunset fire in Baltimore. This was no random stop-
So I asked the clerk in the quick-n-shop
"do you mind if I ask you a question."
"sure" she said
"well," I said with as much tenderness as I could,
"I was born here. And I don't know anything about this place.
can you tell me in one or two sentences what it's like?"

She thought. For a good spell. Enough time for me to size
her up. A teenager. "It sucks" I was sure I'd hear. But no!

"It's just like the Andy Griffith Show. With more busybodies."

I stood transfixed. Hot damn.

"... And an antique row that used to be Main Street.
And there's the high school
there down the road, and the junior high over there. Shoot, my
Dad and I had the same chemistry teacher, and they still talk. It's
a miracle. Cause he burned all his tables in the lab..."

Welcome back.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

polka dot

Show me your polka face.

  • Blob's Park

  • Nope, not kidding. Please do make your way
    over to Blob's Park one fall evening
    to enjoy Polka and German fare.

    We happened to have been there the night a 15-time
    grammy award winning hop-til-you-drop polka band
    took the stage. We had many pitchers of Heifeweitzen
    and even more sausage- so much in fact that I must troll
    the web for the NAME of this band and write a proper
    review, with photos. Until then- grab your partner.

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    a cold comfort

    I am thankful for the presence of the cold current at the kitchen door
    for now I bake with abandon at three in the afternoon
    the bread
    the pies
    the promises
    and only crack a window, and a smile at the clever efficiency of it-
    venting the excess heat from this hearth if there were any left over
    from my hands, all flour dust flurries and marks on a red apron
    full of yes.
    I am so thankful for November.