Monday, July 05, 2010


The 4th of July parade that wasn't. Is it a parade if the high school band director and program have been cut? Like so many small towns that rely on levies and the conservative not-in-my back yard set who deny them to maintain certain "optional" programs like art and music, in Sunbury the music has stopped. No band in the bandstand, a less than half-full glass of American lemonade sweats in the July sun. And yet the crowd still stops moving, hands on failing hearts, to witness the anthem, the one piece of music that will endure this sad reminder that small towns have been all but executed by the jingoistic "let capitolism work" lowest of the lowest common denominator. Small towns are all but mythology. Maybe the 260 million dollar lotto winner from this corner of Midwest will save the music. At least that's what would happen if this were a movie. But it's not.

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Location:Sunbury Ohio