Thursday, November 06, 2008

there is no car magnet to describe it.

You want family values? Let's let our new president teach by example.
Not the canned love we've become accustomed to in our politicians, but a real blushing passion-
for his wife, daughters, and country. This is the first family of fables, something
we've only seen in the on-screen heroics of hollywood presidents, the good ones.
This is all so spookily familiar, a final sigh exorcising the last curses
of the Kennedys, one nation-wide recollection of our sweeter past that may not have really
existed- the one in our daydreams that is sepia toned and never, ever angry in church.
Never, ever in front of the children.
And what we've got, pulled up on that big screen is the larger than life character, not the celebrity.
A good man. Doing good things. How refreshing.

Your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more.